AlleV8 Far Infrared Pain Relief Gloves


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Heat therapy works by improving circulation and blood flow to a particular area due to increased temperature.  Increasing the temperature of the afflicted area even slightly can soothe discomfort and increase muscle flexibility. Heat therapy can relax and soothe muscles and heal damaged tissue. Far-Infrared heat therapy offers the same benefits as heat therapy without the intense heat.

Far-infrared therapy uses far-infrared radiation, which refers to a subdivision of the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared is a type of light that humans can't see but can feel as heat. "Far" describes where the wavelengths fall on the light spectrum.

Far-infrared light waves heat your body directly without the need to heat the air around you. FIR light can transfer energy purely in the form of heat and reach deeper layers of body tissue, which is why FIR is the light of choice for bodily therapy.

Great for arthritic hands.

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