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  • Another Beautiful Photoshoot with Daryl Duckworth

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    We sometimes get asked if we would like to provide apparel for a photo shoot. In general we try to say yes as you never know what will come of it and it is an exciting way to collaborate with up and coming models, photographers and makeup and hair artists. For me it is really exciting to see some one at the start of their career or relatively unknown who then achieves recognition in their field.  

    One photographer who helps out up and coming models is Daryl Duckworth.  More well known for his racehorse photos, Daryl is also has a great eye for scene setting and framing a shot. The first time I provided apparel for a photo shoot with Daryl, I have to confess to saying to the model that I wasn't to sure how the photos would turn out as he rejected my offer to hold up a reflector and took very few shots.  Turns out he didn't need to take many shots and the lighting was fabulous.
    Daryl Duckworth Photography with Anniliese Gann Daryl Duckworth Photography with Annaliese GannDaryl Duckworth Photography with Anniliese Gann

    The photos above were the day before the Picton floods and it was pelting down. Unfazed by the weather Daryl found a great location and the shoot went ahead.

    Cue March '17 and yes the weather is bad again (cyclone Diana) and yes Daryl is shooting again!  Luckily the weather cleared up just in time for a rain free shoot. The model is Jessica Earle and makeup artist is Olivia Scarce.

    Daryl Duckworth Photography with Jessica Earle  Daryl Duckworth Photography with Jessica Earle Daryl Duckworth Photography with Jessica Earle Daryl Duckworth Photography with Jessica Earle

    What I love about this series of photos is how natural and believable they look. One can imagine walking through the park and seeing people being active and having fun.  That too me is the sign of great photography catching an awesome model in the right moment, with makeup and apparel that suits the moment.  

    Our apparel is designed for women of all shapes sized 14-26.  We want them to look good and feel great in it and to me this photoshoot captures that spirit.  

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