• MWH Spotlight

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    Check out Jacquelyn's chat with Tracey Harris from MWH's Blog by clicking right here.

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  • New Winter Jackets & Why We Choose Them

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    This winter we have 2 new jackets coming in.  The Airlie and the Bicheno.

    When we decide to add a garment into our range it is normally because we have had a number of customers either ask us or express dissatisfaction with what they can currently find. We take on-board comments, and then come up with a garment to meet those requirements (sorry, my analyst back ground showing through). With jackets, the main requirements were that they came down well over the hips, had long enough sleeves for people with long arms, had pockets including a zipped/secure pocket, were warm but not to hot, could be worn zipped or unzipped, could be worn with minimal or warmer under layers, durable and fashionable.

    Sometimes designs come easily and others they take a bit of work!

    Bicheno Jacket -LowannaWe first started working on the Bicheno about 1.5 - 2 years ago for last winter.  It wasn't quite right though so we put it off until this winter.  The black seaming is slimming while the black and silver zip forms a focal point giving the illusion of length either zipped or unzipped. The sleeves are long and can be worn utilizing the thumb hole to keep it anchored and wrists warm, or pushed up if preferred. The back is longer line, while the fabric is man made and dye fast. The rayon/polyester/spandex blend provides warmth and stretch when required. The 2 front pockets are zipped for security.   The colour is pretty snazzy too, and never dates! We think that this is going to be one of those timeless classics you keep dragging out of the cupboard year after year.

    Airlie Hoodie -LowannaWe weren't going to add another hoodie into our range but changed our minds when this one just seemed to go together! The Airlie can be worn loose like a Sloppy Joe, or select a size smaller if you want a more sporty look.  The vibrant neon pink of the inside is toned down with a more marle type look on the outside of the fabric.  The nylon/spandex blend is durable, lightweight and stretchy. Grey pocket, hood and cuff trims are a nice contrast. The pocket trim drips down to the hem adding vertical length and interest.  One of the pockets has a velro closed secure pocket for stowing things you don't want to loose.  There is also a zipped pocket on the back hip. The hemline is lower at the back than the front for extra coverage. The sleeves are long and can be worn anchored over your thumb for extra warmth or just pushed up. Our friendly gecko is sitting under the hood, just waiting for an opportunity to pop out!

    ... and now that these are here, it is on to working out what we are going to do for next winter!



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  • Another Beautiful Photoshoot with Daryl Duckworth

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    We sometimes get asked if we would like to provide apparel for a photo shoot. In general we try to say yes as you never know what will come of it and it is an exciting way to collaborate with up and coming models, photographers and makeup and hair artists. For me it is really exciting to see some one at the start of their career or relatively unknown who then achieves recognition in their field.  

    One photographer who helps out up and coming models is Daryl Duckworth.  More well known for his racehorse photos, Daryl is also has a great eye for scene setting and framing a shot. The first time I provided apparel for a photo shoot with Daryl, I have to confess to saying to the model that I wasn't to sure how the photos would turn out as he rejected my offer to hold up a reflector and took very few shots.  Turns out he didn't need to take many shots and the lighting was fabulous.
    Daryl Duckworth Photography with Anniliese Gann Daryl Duckworth Photography with Annaliese GannDaryl Duckworth Photography with Anniliese Gann

    The photos above were the day before the Picton floods and it was pelting down. Unfazed by the weather Daryl found a great location and the shoot went ahead.

    Cue March '17 and yes the weather is bad again (cyclone Diana) and yes Daryl is shooting again!  Luckily the weather cleared up just in time for a rain free shoot. The model is Jessica Earle and makeup artist is Olivia Scarce.

    Daryl Duckworth Photography with Jessica Earle  Daryl Duckworth Photography with Jessica Earle Daryl Duckworth Photography with Jessica Earle Daryl Duckworth Photography with Jessica Earle

    What I love about this series of photos is how natural and believable they look. One can imagine walking through the park and seeing people being active and having fun.  That too me is the sign of great photography catching an awesome model in the right moment, with makeup and apparel that suits the moment.  

    Our apparel is designed for women of all shapes sized 14-26.  We want them to look good and feel great in it and to me this photoshoot captures that spirit.  

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  • My Take on the Term Plus Size

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    Media attention and social comment on the term "Plus Size" was pretty prevalent before Christmas but seems to have died down.  As most of you may know the term "Plus Size" originated in the twenty's with Lane Bryant's Misses Plus Sizes, and then was picked up by other companies and shortened to Plus Size.  The term used before that was stout.

    From a retailers perspective you need your products to be easily identified by your prospective customers.  This is especially vital if you are an online merchant. In these days of internet based paid advertising, attracting customers who aren't your target market can add significantly to your advertising spend. It could be argued that this is no different to print or TV media adverts where they are seen/heard by a wide audience rather than your specific audience.  The internet was supposed to improve our lives though so I feel that we should be able to categorise our product to make it easier for our prospective customers to find. 

    From a customers perspective it is really frustrating to be searching for something and be directed to a site that doesn't stock your size - regardless of what that size is.

    While we show the size range on our banner so that it can be seen immediately some on checks out our website from a search engine perspective we still need to categorise somehow.  

    So how should we segment? What term should we use? Curvy or Curve (doesn't necessarily apply to the sizes we cater for), Real Women (ummm, aren't all women real?), Rubenesque (scantily clad women lying draped on sofa's), Buxom (visions of a barmaid in a romantic novel), Junoesque (not all of us are 6ft +) ... I don't find any one of those terms are really inclusive or descriptive enough so I guess we take it back to the original meaning - a clothes size grouping rather than a personal description.  

      And I don't know about you but I would rather be Plus than Stout!

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  • A Couple of Useful Apps for Time Poor People...

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    Grumpy GrandmotherI am a dinosaur really - heading towards being a hermit.  Either that or I am getting more like my Grandfather every day, except I am becoming a grumpy old woman instead of a grumpy old man.  Oh and OK not so much the old but some days it sure feels it...

    BUT I have found a few phone apps/websites that I really enjoy and make life easier so I thought I would share them with  you.  They are all free although you can upgrade, but I am happy with the basic models:).

    According to all the self help books I need to get up an hour earlier if I want to exercise. That's not happening, and any good intentions of doing something after work often go out the window as other things have a higher priority. I am not a gym person either so the following apps allow me to do my thing when and where I want.

    Sworkit Fitness AppSWORKIT - according to their website "SWORKIT allows you to customize and play personalized video workouts that fit into your life". My daughter found this in the holidays and I joined in.  You can download it on your phone.  It's a series of different exercise groupings but what I like is that you can set the time.  If you only have 10 minutes available then thats all you set it for, put your mind in nutral and off you go!.  I'm not sure what the customization is all about I haven't tried that. 

    My Fitness Pal, blog, food, recipies, fitnessMy Fitness Pal - Anything that means I don't have to think or remember things is great for me. There are great recipies, blog articles on alsorts of things, along with the main part which is a food tracker. I like this as it lets you know how you are going on carbs, protien, sugars and not just calories. I found out that my daily intake of 6 pieces of fruit was really sending my sugars off the scale and weren't as healthy as I was thinking!  

    So, there are 2 options that I have found to be a great addition.  As a rule I am not a great gadget person so surprised my self with these ones.  I hope tht you enjoy them to.  If you have any that you think are great, either post a comment below or mail us.  We'd love to hear from you.


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