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This winter we have 2 new jackets coming in.  The Airlie and the Bicheno.

When we decide to add a garment into our range it is normally because we have had a number of customers either ask us or express dissatisfaction with what they can currently find. We take on-board comments, and then come up with a garment to meet those requirements (sorry, my analyst back ground showing through). With jackets, the main requirements were that they came down well over the hips, had long enough sleeves for people with long arms, had pockets including a zipped/secure pocket, were warm but not to hot, could be worn zipped or unzipped, could be worn with minimal or warmer under layers, durable and fashionable.

Sometimes designs come easily and others they take a bit of work!

Bicheno Jacket -LowannaWe first started working on the Bicheno about 1.5 - 2 years ago for last winter.  It wasn't quite right though so we put it off until this winter.  The black seaming is slimming while the black and silver zip forms a focal point giving the illusion of length either zipped or unzipped. The sleeves are long and can be worn utilizing the thumb hole to keep it anchored and wrists warm, or pushed up if preferred. The back is longer line, while the fabric is man made and dye fast. The rayon/polyester/spandex blend provides warmth and stretch when required. The 2 front pockets are zipped for security.   The colour is pretty snazzy too, and never dates! We think that this is going to be one of those timeless classics you keep dragging out of the cupboard year after year.

Airlie Hoodie -LowannaWe weren't going to add another hoodie into our range but changed our minds when this one just seemed to go together! The Airlie can be worn loose like a Sloppy Joe, or select a size smaller if you want a more sporty look.  The vibrant neon pink of the inside is toned down with a more marle type look on the outside of the fabric.  The nylon/spandex blend is durable, lightweight and stretchy. Grey pocket, hood and cuff trims are a nice contrast. The pocket trim drips down to the hem adding vertical length and interest.  One of the pockets has a velro closed secure pocket for stowing things you don't want to loose.  There is also a zipped pocket on the back hip. The hemline is lower at the back than the front for extra coverage. The sleeves are long and can be worn anchored over your thumb for extra warmth or just pushed up. Our friendly gecko is sitting under the hood, just waiting for an opportunity to pop out!

... and now that these are here, it is on to working out what we are going to do for next winter!




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