To Move or Not To Move....

by Jacquelyn Dixon January 05, 2017

To Move or Not To Move....

that is the question!  I have been using the same ecommerce platform since we first started. I love it 'cause it is easy to use.  Like an old friend really.  Comfy and easy to deal with.  We are used to each others quirks.  But then came Afterpay!  Lots of customers asking why we don't have it, when we will be offering it.  

Fantastic idea, quick, lets sign up... Oh, no!  Volusion don't offer Afterpay and being me once I have made up my mind I want it yesterday.  

A quick check around to see who is offering it and after some agonising and lots of testing I decided to change to Shopify.

So what does this mean for you.  Well, we have kept the lay out the same and hope that the only difference that you notice is that you have the added option to pay by Afterpay if you so choose.

We have moved all the customer data over so have a record of prior purchases and all your account details.

If you experience any difficulty at all though please let us know.  We hope that you continue to enjoy your shopping experience with us.

Regards, Jacquelyn



Jacquelyn Dixon
Jacquelyn Dixon


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