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I've decided that if I ever make tons of money I am buying a helicopter.  Our brand new car has over 1000kms already and it is only 5 days old!  This weeks hunt was for the missing pattern piece (lost when our car got crashed into and all my patterns were in the boot), an elusive fabric (finally tracked down in Brisbane,) and a doctor who would tell me why I was acting like a drunk when I hadn't touched a drop of alcohol (delayed concusion and something to do with that inner ear balancer thing)!   

The highlight had to be when 2 very tolerant friends tried on one of the tops (at different times obviously) that I had reworked with a lighter, funkier, fun fabric. Both looked just lovely - fresh, young and cheerful.  They both loved the original top, but now have a dilema.  So do I - do I go ahead with the new fabrics or stick with the old or go all out and make both?  Choices, choices....

Getting together with Ruth is an expensive excercise.  Not in terms of actual cost but where our imaginations take us.  We both have to haul on the reins and get back to getting this first collection out before we start truely getting carried away.  We have enough garments planned to last us well into the next decade:)

Another exciting event this week was the scheduling of production.  First garments should be churned out on the 10th of January.  The photographer is all lined up and ready to do her thing after Christmas.  I so can't wait untill we start selling for real and people can get to try our range and start giving us feedback.


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