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I left for the Christmas break thinking that I had everything organised - photo shoot first week back, models organised, hair and makeup organised, cut garments to take to the manufacturer, labels to pick up.  How wrong could I be!  Very:) The hint of potential trouble came from the label company.  They phoned at 4.17pm on the Thursday as I was nearing Woodonga (6hrs from Sydney).  "Your labels are ready for collection, we shut at 5pm today and wont reopen until the 9th."  Even if I was in Sydney, I would never have got there by closing time! Oh no, I will be in NZ on the 9th and the garments can't be made without all the labels.. OK, contingency plan number1 coming up, if I get Lyn to pick up on the Monday and take to the maker then all will be OK.  I just need to leave clear instructions and have all the other bits and bobs of packaging already so she can just drop it off.  Problem solved.  Next comes a text from the cutter.  I'm having an extra week off and wont be able to get to the factory.  I know you wanted to pick up this week but that wont be possible.  OH NO! the things were the sample garments for the fashion shoot. Fashion shoot postponed, but organising another date? Not easy. I'm away, photographer is away, one of the models is away. This also means Lyn is now going to have to pick up the cut fabric and deliver.  Thought I should just phoned the maker and check that production is right for the 10th and that my cunning plans re labels can swing into place.   An unkown voice greets me at the makers.... Oh no, the main man at the makers broke his leg over Christmas and is in hospital so if I could delay it would be fantastic.  I am sure that there is a reason for all these things happening - even if I can't figure it out right now!


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