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The last two days have been a bit up and down - but as always interesting and challenging! I returned from NZ on saturday to find a text waiting for me telling me that one of my makers was getting out of the business so couldn't sew the garments we had booked in to start this week after all. I thought I had better phone the other maker to see that all was OK with him. Nope, he broke his leg at Christmas time and was just out of hospital.  Luckily production is just running behind and not cancelled! Next stop the cutter who had promised to have all the garments ready to go, ummm well somehow we are 7m short of one of the fabrics, and he hasn't got the pattern for the 5th garment (oh no, neither have I - where is it???). The cutter had also said that he would ask around to see if he could find a replacement maker for me, this involved handing out the samples so that they could be quoted on.  Oh no, there goes my photoshoot again.... Off to the maker with the 1 garment that is good to go.  A large sigh of relief as I hand it over - first garment finally on its way.  But oh no!  I have forgotten to pick up the patterns and spec sheet from the cutter, and bring the sample with me so there isn't isn't any guide for the maker to work from and  information on bindings to use.  The smile fades. After kicking myself all the way back to the car paranoia sets in.  Did the cutter deliberately not give me the pattern and spec sheet back because he has given everything out to be copied? am I being naive and an easy target because I don't really know the industry? did the man who took my samples to find an alternative maker have a hidden agenda?  Deep breath, time to eat I think, blood sugars must be low as the imagination is running wild.  A quick stop for lunch and then off to the printers. And here I get the high of the  day.  The swing tags are awesome, the stickers exactly as I imagined and the garment lables, well the colour is spot on and it all goes together so well.  Total elation, and I am back on track.  Yes, I have to make one or may be two trips back to the city this week but what the heck, it's going to be worth it!


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