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Had a fantastic few hours in the local Botanical gardens today and amused (may be bemused would be a better choice of word) the locals no end.  Today was the day that we finally got to hold our photoshoot.  As always this too was filled with drama, just to get the adrenal glands going.  First cab off the rank, the photographer was delayed at the airport in Melbourne.  No problem, every one was happy to delay half an hour.  Just as the first victem - errrhm model was getting painted and beatuified I received a call stating that the third model wouldn't be able to make it.  Panic call out - any one know a tall blonde, who can be here in 30 minutes... Luckily Michelle stepped up to the plate and we had our team of 3 back on board! Kerri Francis did a fantastic job on makeup and hair, turning the three out beautifully (her father is also into horses so it is, I think, an appropriate phrase:) ). First location was vetoed so we all jumped into cars and hit the botanical gardens where we set up change rooms and mountains of clothes.  The heat and humidity added authenticity to the shoot - we all looked like we had run the city to surf after about 5 minutes.  Lots of great photos capturing the fun and joyful mood I was hoping for thanks to the lovely Heather.  My heartfelt appreciation to the awesome models, Rebecca, Moana and Michelle who posed like professionals and endured numerous poking and proddings.  The garments had become old hat for me as I have been handling them so much but seeing them on people in a 'real life' situation made me appreciate them once again.  I can't wait until the models get to see the photos and we get to release them on the website.

The first lot of garments (hoodies, bras, bike shorts, tops and leggings) should be ready for collection on Monday, yippee! The swimsuits are about a week away and we have more garments in the pipeline. It feels like we are really on the launch pad and ready to start the countdown!


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