So close but so faaaaarrrr....

by Bold Support February 29, 2012

I am learning a lot about patience - having lots of patience, oh and waiting:).  I thought that we would be launched by now and that all would be going swimmingly.  Well, we aren't launched but we are going swimmingly (and with all the rain around that isn't such a great choice of words!)!  I found a new maker just over a week ago.  Talk about quick.  Samples turned around in a matter of days and the quality of work is just awesome.  The netball shorts and long leggings (part of the butt dart family) are superb.  The new control bra in bigger sizes looks great on and does all the things it is supposed too.  No unsightly bra bulge on the back with this one!  Just waiting for feedback on the control briefs and then those will hit the grading and manufacturing line.  The control top is going to have to go back to the design board for now though.  The fabric cost alone (uncut) per garment is over $40 making it uneconomic to produce. 

The remade swoosh pants are awesome though.  All prior doubts have been swept aside.  Repositioning the swoosh added just the right touch.  Shame the manufacturer is out of fabric in the colour I want.... . I had approached another maker to manufacture (the same one that made the original sample), he stated a price that was higher than the original sample (samples normally cost double the making cost). I don't think he wants the work:)

Visited with my wonderful graphic designer Caroline (braving floods to get to her, but that is another story) to work on the website graphics.  She is just fantastic, another person who understands my poor attempts to describe what I want and always delivers something better!

The funniest thing about this whole range?  The more people I show the garments too who are not size 18-26, the more requests I get to make it in smaller sizes.  Ironic really :)

Bold Support
Bold Support


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