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It was my birthday yesterday, and everything came together in a great way so that that we can finally get this show on the road!  The changes to the website have been finished, the PR person is on board, I picked up the last of the first batch of clothing and also some new patterns that we have been working on and testing.  Stage 2 is starting to come together as well - long sleeve hoodie for winter, bra with back fat minimiser (will think of some much more PC term by the time we come to launch), succky inney exercise underwear, netball shorts and long pants as well as a couple of more tops.  I am really fortunate with the people that I am working with - all fantastic, positive people and quick and ready to help.  Makes life so much easier than having to nag and plead for things to get done - or have tantrums :). So start speading the message Curvy Chics is open for business!


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