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Yesterday was the first casting call that I have ever attended.  From the lessons that I learned, it won't be the last! 

When Stephen first said that we needed to take a look at the models before the photo shoot I was a bit (OK, a lot) sceptical. I mean, they are professional models and we had looked at their photos on line so what more was there too it right? Wrong.  I am so glad that we went through the process and if I were using different models would do it all again in a heartbeat.

First trauma though was deciding what to wear.  I normally dress to please myself but thought I might feel like a flea amongst the models (I am 5'3") so high heels were the order of the day. Then I traumatised myself over what a sportswear designer should wear, then I gave up and went as me!  The models were probably going through the same though process, and pay little attention to what the designer is wearing in any case.

Next trauma was hearing there was an accident on the M5 that was delaying traffic considerably more than normal.  Luckily that had pretty much cleared by the time I got there and I made it to Lot 5 Studio spot on time. Caught up with Stephen and then it was time to meet the models.

Up the stairs and time to meet the photographers and the first model.  Danielle is a total professional who swung into action with practised easy.  It was great to watch some one who knew what she was doing.  She looked really fabulous in the clothing which was great.  I was rubbing my hands with glee at this point thinking that it would be an easy morning. Off she went.  Time for us to check out her test shots and then onto coffee while we waited for model number 2, and waited...  Unfortunately her sat nav had us firmly located in the storm drain on the vacant lot next door.  Luckily she found us though as she was really great as well. A really happy cheerful person is Mercy.  Took it all in her stride when Stephen told her she would look great with the hoodie over her face.... Mercy had a sense of humour though and even though that wasn't what Stephen really meant, said it was the first time she had been to a casting where the client preferred her with a paper bag over her head!  She was taaalll and had bigger heels on than me, so that was my cunning plan out the window.  Just as we were wrapping up Bridie came on in. She has the most fantastic warm smile and later said that it was her first casting call.  A few star jumps had her at ease (not sure that she was expecting that to happen).  Unfortunately she was too small for the garments that I had as she was really delightful and the photos that we did get came out wonderfully. The next models weren't due for some time so we took a quick visit to the marker to pick up some more garments for the actual photo shoot on Friday. A model turned up in our absence.  It was the one both Stephen and I had thought would be fantastic.  Unfortunately she had given up smoking and put on 2 dress sizes since her latest photos.  As few of the models had day time jobs they had to come around after 5pm and I couldn't hang around that long, so I headed home to receive photos through later.  We had 3 more great models turn up and in the end it was a difficult decision to choose the 3 models.

The photographer told me that models were finding it a little tough at the moment as there wasn't a lot of work out there which was interesting.  I was also surprised how normal the girls were.  I am not sure what I was expecting but I didn't feel as short as I thought I would and they were all lovely to talk to. It is funny how when you aren't part of an industry the perception if it you have. The day involved a lot more hanging around than I thought it would.  I am now looking forward to the actual photo shoot where I wasn't before.


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