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Well, it has been a while since I have posted any updates.  The highlight of last year was being accepted as The Iconic's first plus size sportswear brand. The downside was the length of time it took to get my brain back to normal (or what passes for normal for me!) after our car crash.

But now I'm back with a vengeance - and what a vengeance! I decided that as CurvyChicSports and the desire to help plus size women feel great, though looking good and feeling comfortable and confident in sports apparel, is a passion for me then I was going to give it the best shot I could.  So I cashed in my Vodafone UK shares (I worked for them for 11 years)  and hired an marketing guru to keep me focused and on track.  It is amazing the number of paths I get side track down and new designs that spin off of new samples being made up - it is truly amazing that we have even got close to a collection.  Talking of being side tracked....  Any how, Stephen has changed the logo to reflect the various areas of apparel that we are producing.  This has meant new labels, updates to the website and so, so much more. This season we have designed some funkier cheerful clothing that is still made here in Oz from quality fabrics that perform and feel great.  Better still they look fab on.   I think that the new look is fresher and more fun.

As always this has included lots of learning opportunities.

All the new changes hinge on having the collection photographed.  I am sooo glad that this isn't my everyday job!  I thought that it would be easy - book the photographer, book models and a hair/make up person and job done. How hard could it be???  Yeah, I really thought that...  Now I know better and it wasn't even me driving the session!  First, to get a date agreed well that turned out to be about 3 weeks later than what I initially planned on.  Then to agree the models - just ask Stephen if he ever wants to send me photos again after I have had a really hard long day!  Now we apparently have to have a casting call to make sure that they (the models) look as they do in their photos and that the clothes suit them.  Fair enough call, some of the photos didn't flatter the models or the garments, so I get the point of checking first. But for me this is akin to prolonging a torture session!

The big day is next week, so stay tuned to find out what a casting call is really like!

Catch you then!  Jacquelyn


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