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One (more) thing that I have struggled through out this whole manufacturing process is choosing a name for each garment...

Each garment has to have a name - right?  It can't be a model number or that would sound silly - model 102-112 has flowing lines with 4way stretch... It just doesn't sound very inviting does it? Then again we could go for random female name.. Jessica has flowing lines with 4way stretch... but that doesn't sound right to me either.  Who IS Jessica and why does she have flowing lines?  Why did she inspire this garment? To many questions. 

I decided to go with semi descriptive names - Bamboozle Tee as it was made out of bamboo (leaving the naming up to some one who names their cats big cat and little cat is a bit risky...). All was going well with that as the naming convention until we got to our latest item - an anti-bounce bra that reduces back fat rolls.....


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